Welcome to the downloads section of the site. Here you can download any stable releases of War Without End as well as some of the old MODs for Homeworld 1 (Still A Work in Progress) and some of the different programs needed for MODding Homeworld 2.

Stable Releases

Latest: Version 2.1 (Installer) or ModDb (Installer)

Old: Version 1.1 (.zip, no installer)

SVN Information

This mod is being developed using a shared subversion repository which is open to the public and is hosted on sourceforge

If you want to get an idea of how things are going and what we are up to (well what we have committed to the repository anyway) you can download the latest version of the mod files from the project's SVN repository.

Please be aware that while we will try to keep the mod in a functioning state for the majority of the time, the files on the repository are not guaranteed to be a fully working copy of the mod at the time you download them. There is, of course, also the possibility of serious bugs as this is the development version.

If you can deal with the possibility of the mod being flaky and buggy then read on how to get the files. We will welcome comments and suggestions on the SVN version, but do bear in mind it is work in progress and that things will change quite rapidly at times.

The latest version of the mod files can be download using any suitable SVN client from the trunk of B5:WWE repository located here: svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/b5wwe/code/trunk

Place the files in the root directory of a clean HW2 install and run HW2 with the command line option "-overrideBigFile".

For people not familiar with SVN here is a step by step to get the mod files:

1) Download and install TortoiseSVN (http://tortoisesvn.net/);
2) Make a copy of your Homeworld2 folder and rename it to Homeworld2_B5. (The name can really be anything you want, this is the name I use.);
3) Press right mouse button on the Homeworld2_B5 folder and select SVN Checkout;
4) Enter svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/b5wwe/code/trunk as the repository URL in the text box;
5) For those who only want to play and don't want to download any of the source files, under the Checkout Depth section of the dialogue box press the Choose Items... button and un-tick the DataSrc folder;
6) Make sure the checkout directory is your Homeworld2_B5 directory, TortioseSVN seems to add a code folder if there are other folders in the directory. Remove it;
7) Leave the other settings as default and click ok. Tortoise SVN will now download all the mod files to the Homeworld2_B5 folder;
8) Lastly copy your original Homeworld2 shortcut, or make a new one and add the -overrideBigFile option at the end of the Target line under the shortcuts properties;
9) Play, post any comments on the board and/or screenshots on ModDb!

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MOD Tools and Updates

SHWL Homeworld 2 MOD Manager - (513kb)
A simple yet VERY effective MOD launcher for Homeworld 2. A Must have if, like me, you like to have multiple MODs hanging around ready to go.

Homeworld 2 v1.1 Update - (27,020kb)
The v1.1 update (Released by Relic) is required if you want to play B5:WWE or any of the other Homeworld2 MODs available.

Homeworld 1 v1.05 Update - (2,032kb)
The v1.05 update (Released by Relic) is required if you want to play any of the MODs available for Homeworld 1.

RDN (Relic Developers Network) Tool Kit - (37,250kb)
RDN (Relic Developers Network) Tool Kit Update - (6,212kb)
Includes most of the documentation, Photoshop and Maya Plug ins to get started MODding Homeworld 2.

Third Party RDN Maya Plug-ins (For Maya 6.5) -(2,644kb)
A third party version of the Maya 3.0 plug ins included in the RDN Tool Kit.

Cold Fusion HOD Editor (CFHodEd) v4.0.2.4 - (456kb)
The original third part .HOD editor created by 4E534B. The latest version is capable of doing pretty much everything.
NOTE: If you're using or going to be using the new shaders you MUST use CFHOD Tangent to calculate your meshes tangents. For everything else I use the latest version of CFHodEd.

Cold Fusion HOD Editor (CFHodEd) Tangent- v3.2.3 - (1,370kb)
A version of CFHodEd modified by CnlPepper to include proper tangent calculation. Needed to properly take advantage of the new shaders.

Decompiled Homeworld2.big Scripts - (3,151kb)
The original Homeworld 2 .LUA files extracted from the Homeworld2.big file.

NVIDIA Photoshop Plug-ins - v8.54.0625.1800 - (18,085kb)
These plugins by NVIDIA are used to save images as .DDS files and create normal maps.

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Homeworld 1 MODs

Star Wars: New Rebellion - R2 - (11,597kb)
Star Wars: New Rebellion - R2 Patch - (1,340kb)
A Star Wars MOD for the original Homeworld created by yours truely.

Star Wars: Invasion - v0.3 - (22,555kb)
A Star Wars vs. Star Trek MOD created through the team work of the Star Wars: New Rebellion and Star Trek: Sacrifice of Angel MOD teams.

Star Trek: Sacrifice of Angels - Final Release - (22,788kb)
A Star Trek MOD for Homeworld 1. Probably the best Homeworld 1 MOD created.

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