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Now, before I start, keep in mind that this is very much a work in progress list, if you have an idea you'd like to see in HW2B5, post it here. I'll update the list as we go. So, lets get started, first, a brief overview of what I'd like to do with HW2B5.

- Command Points
- New weapons effects
- New UI
- New game play features
- New B5 maps
- Ship List (Under Construction)

Command Points:

These will be very similar to Dawn of War, Empire At War and Company of Heroes. Certain ships will be able to capture these points and once captured they will be used to construct stations which will be able to build certain units. Such as defense platforms or Olympus Corvettes (If playing EA) which don't have hyperspace drives and therefore can't be called in by you command ships.

Weapons Effects:

Pretty self explantatory, see the screenshots section of the site or the forum.

New UI:

I'll get back to you, concepts/ideas welcome.

Game play Features:

Monsters in the B5 Universe; when I say monsters I mean monsters like in Warcraft3 where there were enemy units scattered throughout the map which you could kill to gain experience for your heroes. For example, there may be Drahk hidden in a gas cloud, or Raiders in an asteroid belt. This will let us have more than just the 'playable' races in the mod, and make skirmish that little bit more interesting. Scouting will be made very important too since a lot of the time, these 'monsters' will be near command/strategic points. They will also be worth hunting down for the potential experience points, killing a 'monster' more points then regular ships.

As for weapons, that's pretty easy. Things like mines, extra powerful weapons (Victory's main gun), missiles, etc.

Babylon 5 Maps:

Nothing too special here; just maps to replay certain historical scenes from the movies. Great Wars did it for HW and it was a lot of fun. Midnight on the Firing Line was always my favorite.

There you have it. I expect this list to change a bit as the mod progresses and I learn more about what HW2 can do, but this is a general idea of what I have in mind. I want this mod to be more than just B5 ships in HW2.

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