If you're reading this you've discovered the web site for Babylon5: War Without End. War Without End is a total conversion for the 3D real-time strategy game: Homeworld 2. Never heard of Homeworld 2? Never played, Homeworld 2? You have been missing out! To find out what you've missed check out the demo at the offical Homeworld 2 site here.

As you have probably guessed, this modification is an attempt to recreate the Babylon 5 universe using the Homeworld 2 engine. Despite the age of the Homeworld 2 engine we have recently been able to bring the graphics of this incredible game more or less graphically up to date through the Cnlpeppers amazing implementation of Parallax shader technology which has allowed the use of specular, gloss and normal mapping.

At present there are only a few of us active on the forums or ModDB, and sadly most of our time is spent on real-life priorities rather than the MOD. We need your help if the MOD is to continue faster than at a snails pace.

We are looking for people to create new 3D models and textures. People to create new in-game images such as build icons or menu backgrounds. And people who can do a bit of coding, nothing too major, just .LUA scripting. We are also looking for people who want to learn and experiment with MODing Homeworld 2.

Those of you who remember the old Homeworld 1 MODding days may (or may not) remember my MOD Star Wars: New Rebellion. SWNR was my first ever MOD and I started so I could learn 3D modelling and texturing. My first models were pretty basic but it was a lot of fun and quickly got better, although I still have A LOT to learn which is evident from my frustration at trying to re-create the Whitestar. If you are one of those people who want to help but don't know how and are willing to learn, DO IT! There are heaps of tutorials around and people on the forums are always happy to help. Grab one of the free programs available either 3D (Blender 3D) or 2D (Gimp) and go for it.

If you're interested in helping, or just learning to help or even just want to make a suggestion drop by the forums and say hello, we don't bite, well, TONV might, but only once or twice.

Source: Zeelich - 19/09/2015

New Release!

Believe it or not I have a new release for those of you running the original Homeworld2, don't worry, you have not been forgotten.

After much time and swearing and general yelling at the computer the AI and Research is working, not perfectly, but to be honest I'm tired of banging my head against the same rock. :)

Link is right here: Version 2.1 (Installer)

I hope you enjoy it, with this new release out of the way I'm going to be looking into the Remaster, been itching to work on it for a while now, the Dev's over at Gearbox have done some amazing work on updating and improving the game. For those still running the original, don't worry, I plan to add the new ships to the original version too.

As always feel free to leave comments on either the Relic News Forum's, ModDd or our Steam Page. Links below.

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Source: Zeelich - 01/08/2015

Babylon 5: War Without End on Steam!

Hey guys and gals!

You asked for it, now it's there! Babylon 5: War Without End is now up on Steam


This release is missing a lot of the stuff from the last one since I'm in the process of fixing the AI and polishing up the weapons, however, Earth Force is there and the AI and research are working correctly! The AI will actually do stuff!

I had originally intended to wait until I had everything back in and working but rebuilding EA took WAY longer than I expected, so I'm putting the mod in its current form up for you to download now in order to get some feedback.


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Source: Zeelich - 04/05/2014

Centuari Liner Completed

The Centauri have arrived. Their first ship is there Command and Control Transport, a varient of the old Centauri Passager Liner.

Like the Earth Shuttle the Liner will be used to capture Control Points. Not the most exciting Centauri ship to start with but I think it turned out pretty good.

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Source: Zeelich - 22/04/2014

Earth Force Shuttle Render

I've finally finished optimizing and texturing Maxdamage's excellent EA Shuttle. While the textures aren't exactly true to the show (Boring!) the mesh work by Max is pretty damn close.

The Shuttle will be Earths Command and Control Transport for capturing Control Points.

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Source: Zeelich - 19/04/2014

Quick Hello and Update

Hey Guys! I'm still alive and I've once again found myself itching to do some mod work and as a result I've decided to make some changes and see if I can't get some of those Centauri ships completed and ingame.

One of the biggest annoyances I have with the mod is the AI. It just doesn't work. So, I've decided to redo some aspects of the Control Point system in order to make it more usable by the computer. Now the computer will capture points without being given a free ship. I've also made it so that only a special ship can capture points, these Command and Control Transports will not only be used to capture points, but by placing them in designated areas within the control points you will be able to generate extra RU's.

I'm also hoping to help the AI along by making the roles of the different ships a bit more specific, right now everything seems to be able to do everything. With any luck, giving the different ships specific roles will help the AI choose its fleet compositions a bit more intelligently.

Something else that I have felt the mod has been lacking is interceptor technology for Earth Force. They really do suffer without it. Sadly, it requires recreating all the pulse weapons and turning them into missiles. At least as far as HW2 is concerned. They want be able to track there targets or anything and they should look the same as the do now (hopefully) but they'll be physical objects that can be destroyed.

Wow. I haven't made a wall of text in ages. Feels good. :)

Look out for progress. I'll post pics every now and then as I go. As always any comments or questions are welcome.

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Source: Zeelich - 18/11/2013

Centauri Outpost (Work In Progress)

I've started work on the Centauri Outpost and have begun posting WIP pics on ModDb as I go. I know some of you have been itching to see something other then Earth Force and Minbari for a while now.


As always, any and all comments, especially suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Source: Zeelich - 16/11/2013

Jumpgate (Work In Progress)



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Source: Zeelich - 22/03/2013

SVN Instructions Update

Thanks to VidyaSauce over on ModDB I have found another mistake in the SVN instructions. It seems TortioseSVN will put the mod files into a folder called code by default. Something I never noticed before, I must have been changing the directory without thinking. SVN instructions on the downloads page of the website have been updated.

Sorry guys!

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Source: Zeelich - 18/03/2013

Another Quick Update

Hi all. Another quick update for you. Along with the balance improvements in preperation for the v1.0 release I have been working to improve the textures and lighting of all the ships. You can see a number of screenshots of my progress on our ModDb page.


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Source: Zeelich - 17/02/2013

SVN Information Update

Afternoon all, it turns out that the SVN information I put up on the website is out of date and as a result uses the wrong address. I've updated the URL and changed the step-by-step guide to make it a bit easier to understand/follow.

The updated instructions are here: http://b5wwe.sourceforge.net/downloads.html#svn

The new URL for the SVN is: svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/b5wwe/code/trunk

Sorry I didn't notice this sooner everyone. If you are using the old URL I suggest a fresh checkout. However, if you are low on quota than you can use the 'relocate' option by right clicking the top folder (Usually something similar to B5WWE or Homeworld2_B5) -> TortioseSVN -> relocate and replacing the URL with svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/b5wwe/code

Don't fear the quite people. Im still working on balancing the MOD and working on the AI. I've been using the B5Wars Role Playing game as a base in an attempt to create some consistency between the races, so far it's looking really good.

If you have any SVN problems feel free to post a comment om ModDb or to ask on the RelicForums, good luck everyone.

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Source: Zeelich - 11/02/2013

Quick Progress Report

Afternoon all. It's been a little while since the last update but the work is continuing behind the scenes. Mustly I've been cleaning up the ship setings and research trees. I've also been update the textures on some if the ships that need it, sadly these improvements don't translate well to screenshots.

The Earth Force research tree is almost done and about half their ships have been cleaned up. The road to our first stable release has been a long one but we are getting closer everyday. Not long now.

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Source: Zeelich - 04/02/2013

Earthforce "Cotten" Long-Range Tender

For all those who doubted that this MOD is still alive I present to you the new Cotten Tender. The mesh was created some time ago by CnlPepper and the textures, most of them anyway, are by me. Four days of work and 117 Nav-Lights later and we have this as a result:

The Earthforce Cotten is armed with 3 small turrets, mostly for anti-fighter defence during the early game with research increasing it's firepower later on. It also has fairly light armor unlike the Morshin and therefore should be kept away from any heavy fire-fights.


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Source: Zeelich - 30/01/2013

A Brand New Website!

That's right folks, I'm back, and as always, with my return come change. So, let me say welcome to the brand new website for Babylon 5: War Without End! Along with the new website, for those of you who don't read the forums or visit ModDB, I have a pics of the new textures for the Minbari Morshin Carrier.

The Morshin was the second last ship needed to finish the Minbari fleet leaving on the Valen'Zha Command Ship left to do. Once done, I'll finish the EA fleet which needs only the Cotten Tender, Psi-Corp Starfury and Victory Destroyer done. There is still a lot of work to do, but we are finally approaching a point where we can release a stable version of the MOD!

The MOD lives people, even if progress may be slow, or stop for a while, we will always return. Well, I hope we will anyway.

Enjoy. And look out for more to come.

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